Just face it! BooHoo! T.T

Monday, March 20, 2006

Well what can i say?? I am telling this directly to your face. I know you are checking me out here and I know you know who i am talking about. YOU. a girl from Cebu who's proud to call herself a Bitch! Well i guess I will name you after all and it's you Dianne K. Ong. Read carefully every line. Alrightyyy?? So what's the problem if I'm helping him out financially? It's not that I am spending every penny for him, it's not like that. I'm just helping him out with little things. What's the problem with that? I know you've done that too! BooHoo to you! T.T You're so pathetic! But hey, i will throw these lines back at you. You've been fooled gurl! So next time beware of gUys like him ha? You know what, there's one thing I'll advise you to do. Get a life! Duh, grow up! I know the truth is hard for you to swallow.HE LOVES ME. & NOT YOU. I know u already know that (even from the start), so let it sink in. Okay? He didn't even loved you in the first place. He knew what kind of girl you are and you're not for keeps. I know u know what really happened. Guys get lost sometimes. It was the time when he got so mad @ me cause I've been hurting him so much. So what do you think you are? Yes you got that right. Panakip butas. BOTTY CALL. And @ the end of it all he goes home to the person he truly loves. And that's ME. BooHoo! T.T I don't care no matter what shit you're going to say about me. Making stories to make yourself kawawa, making yourself the bida or as if that I stole him from you. I don't even care what you think of me. The hell I care! You don't even know a single detail about me. I've tried to throw him out of my life a lot of times (way back before even before he knew u) But he just keeps coming back. If he really loved u, then he should have sticked with you. You know that fact. He should have fight for you and he will stay with you. When a gUy really wants yoU nothing could stop him ayt? that's the truth everyone knows. Alas! That's why he's here now. He flew back here in Davao and opted to be with me, rather to stay there and see your face! He went all through the troubles just to stay here in Davao and even chose to leave his family behind. He was trying to piss you off when he told you u can't help him. I was there when he said that, i was there with him @ his place. I am with him every single day. If he doesn't love me, he could have just flew away from me, esp the times when he was there. But instead, hes here now. I'm here to support him and help him. He's trying so hard to fix his life. And be on the right track. And am guiding him. We won't waste our time on you. Duh! Were going stronger, and we've been through a lot even b4 u came. Well thanks to you he just realized that he doesn't need any other girl but me. He's done many things for me, showing me and the people all around us how much he loves me and values me. His actions say it all. And we've come too far now.. His mom and dad knows me. And they appreciate my presence in their son's life. if you're really happy with your life, just like what you are blabbing about, so be it! live your own life! You can't break us now. karon pa na naa na siya uban nakU! hahaha sUs nlng tawun sa imu Oi. mka tawa nalang man kO. kita ra lage kag lain dai. tsk tsk. ayaw nlng guKod sa naa nay uyab. hahaha i dont want to say these words but you started it! I'll be your worst enemy ever. I may seem very vulnerable but i can fight with you!

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