Gacked from Literaticat. Another narcissistic meme, oh how I love them! Wakekeke

1. What's your middle name?:
Lasala :)

2. Is your cell phone a flip phone?
NoT nOW, gNA repAir. But Until noW la ghaPOn na Au! Waaah...

3. Have you ever been to other placeS?

4. What's your favorite soda?:
Coca-Cola, jUSt like everY1 eLS..

5. Do you have satellite?

6. Where did you go to college?

7. What's the longest road trip you've been on?
fRom sKul gOing tO caGAyan! it waS daMn long, cGE lang STop2..

8. Did you go to a private school?

9. What's your favorite smiley?
kaHit aNO.. bUt i like the angelic one! praNg ako kC.. wakekekeke!

10. Do you buy lottery tickets in hopes of winning?

11. What year were you born in?

12. Do you like the smell of Sharpies?
i hav no idea aBout this! wweeeeeeee

13. What does your screensaver look like?:
aLL bLUe.. Duh!

14. Do you have an iPod?:

15. What's your biggest pet peeve?

16. What shoe size do you wear?:
6, gaMAy ko tiiL..

17. What's your favorite kind of cereal?:
Quaker 100% Natural. But it is basically candy in a box, so I stick with something a little less exciting.

18. Do you ever listen to Classical music?
SOmtimeS, i have a couple of classical CDs... hehehehe

19. What kind of instruments do you play?
lata! hehehe

20. Do you like Girl Scout cookies?
DOnt giV a damn..

21. Have you ever ridden in a limo?
SomedaY... hehehehe Limo sa patay! Waaahhhh...

22. Do you like Hummers?
tOO biG.. Not baGAy fOR meH..

24. Are you scared of horses?
No. They have soft noses.

25. Do you like milk chocolate or dark chocolate?:
i like Milk chocolate better, dili aU pait..

26. Do you wear glasses?:

27. Does it annoy you when people misspell things?:
Very muCh, in formal letterS kC its a sIgn being Dumb dUh! pro pG sa email and thinZ like thiS its okay! no biggie! hehehe

28. Do you like the beach or the mountains:
Beach baby! :)

29. Have you ever taken cough medicine when you didn't have a cough?:
Nope! i hate theM, iv bin taking them sInce i was a kiD. Buti nLng indI na Now..

30. Have you ever been to band camp?
Never did.. Sana maka tRy.. i think its fUn! hehehe

31. Do you know any guys with a receding hair line?
yeS, secret lnG if who! wakekeke

32. Do you know what Chacos are?
No, but I have Google. They are an outdoor sport sandal. Also a football player and his family.

33. Do you own a Nalgene?
no idea..

34. Have you ever watched Room Raiders on MTV?:
Yes! Its fUn... heheheh lingAw.. Pangka Au ang pattern! :)

35. What's the best Christmas present you've ever got?:

36. What's your favorite Popsicle flavor?:

37. Did your parents give you an allowance?:
YEs of cors!

38. Did you ever watch Rugrats when you were little?:
yes, i still do sumtimes! hehehe

39. How many myspace groups have you joined?:

40. What do you think of standardized tests?:
I weirdly enjoy taking them. Obsession with them is ruining a lot of otherwise decent public schools.

41. What's the craziest thing you have ever done?
secret nLang to! it fOR me to know and NOT for you to find oUt! hehehe

42. Have you ever cheated on a test?:
Yes, alot of times. But paG coLLge na 3yr i geZ.. its wat we do to survive! wahahahahahaha Bad girl!

43. Is tomorrow your birthday?:
No. tapos na po..

44. Have you ever choked on your own spit?
What?! aMbot.. next question!

45. Do you like roller coasters?:
Yes, very much.Wakekeke Pero la pako nka trY..

46. When was the last time you went roller blading?
I dont knoW hOw..

47. Have you ever wished you had a twin?:
Never Wished, but i wondered how wUD it be.. heheh

48. Do you have a caffeine addiction?:

49. Do you get claustrophobic easily?:
Not rIly..

50. Would you ever kiss on the first date?:
It depeNDs! HEhehehehehehehe