Oh mY GooDneSS... Boring.. :)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

La lng, am jUst Bored hir.. Got no One to talk to dat mUch.. Pet2 is with His fwnDS sUmwher over Gensan. Yea, Carmen yate Un.. and La SgnaL dUn . So we'r not abLe to CommuniCate :( i kInd of mISs hiM na.. But itS okay, wer gOin' oUt naMn tHis Sunday.. Go to cHurch 2geder and sPend tYm 2geder.. :) Not Bad @ oL..

Am jUSt take fUn quiZzes and iPOst ko lng... hehehehe

Makasala man puD ta ani, holy-wik baya...

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