“Our greatest strength as a human race is our ability to acknowledge our differences, our greatest weakness is our failure to embrace them.”

Peterson and I are opposites. Without a doubt, it's true. Let's say a good 80-85% of our personalities always clash. You can ask my friends, my/his sister, or even our parents. Our different views on different issues, may be with politics, religion or even with minor subjects, would eventually lead to arguments. And being little Ms. SENSITIVE, (yeah, emphasis on sensitive please) little arguments could lead to serious fights. And I always walk out and cry. LOOOOOL Everyday I would find something different between us. I just hated how different our views and perceptions are, and it made me frustrated. I hate his guts, he hates my timidity. I hate his confidence, he hates my uncertainty. He's a social butterfly, I'm aloof and reserved. He's liberal, I'm conservative. He's Peterson, I'm Joy. We're different.

I personally know a married couple who broke up, 3-year marriage has gone down the pits. Why? Because Mr. now hates Mrs.' personality. Mr. hates how Mrs. takes control of everything and the list of hates goes on. I have examined their situation a hundred times (since I know them personally) and I find the reason VERY SHALLOW. Yeah, Mr. has forgotten he has a daughter who needs his guidance, what an a**. He now lives like a freeman, bravo yo! My relationship with Peterson, after several years had improved 90%. I'm sure glad and proud about that cos it only showed how much we've grown. Grown together, not grown apart. It's not about our difference, it's how we were able to adjust and accept each others' dissimilarity and how we worked on it to make our relationship better and healthy. We're always working on it, relationship needs effort to lasts and succeed. I definitely believe that communication is the key. These days, we're no longer bothered with how different we are from each other because we actually have so much in common. :) Don't get me wrong, we still fight and we've almost went down the pits ourselves but everyone deserves a second chance and everyone deserves to be happy. So we're still here, and we're still working on our relationship, everyday is a learning process. =)

Yes we're opposites but we are happy.


Pearl Aton said…
Like what they always say, "Opposites do attract" :D
Marinella said…
I love the quote. Thanks for sharing.