Although one may often wish,
To forget their past mistakes…
To leave behind their hardships,
No matter what’s at stake –
To ignore the lessons,
That they’ve learned over the years…
Just to disregard their heartaches,
Their pains, trials, and tears –
I’ve come to know, that I cannot,
Regret the life that I have led…
I cannot be apologetic,
For the things I’ve done or said –
I cannot live a life of anger,
For the sufferings I’ve faced…
Or think that tears I have shed,
Should ever be replaced –
The moments of which I faltered,
Or made the wrong choice…
The times that I needed to stand up,
But I seemed to lose my voice –
Along with the days that I stood strong,
And lived up to my potential…
All joined together to form a road,
That each soul finds essential –
For each step that I took along,
The life that I’ve been through…
Became just one step closer
…to finding you