nOW hiR i gO agaIn.. im Not haVin fUn at oL.. da serVer's riLy sLow aNd im gettin pissed Off nOw.. pEro itS okaY no biG deaL.. hehehehe Well, cOz of boreDom i myT jUSt tok abOut myseLF and mah life aS weLL. I knOW no oneS rily dat ntersted but guSTo ko lang! hehehe..

fUllname: Marie Joy L. Año
Nickname: Bojoy
Birthdate: January 20, 1986
Birthplace: Lapu-lapu CIty, Cebu
ZOdiacSign: AquariUs
StatuS: Taken.. =)

WeLL, Dos r JUSt few BasiC inFOs abOut me.. So daTS it, mY fWnds cOl me Bojoy. Every1 wUd rilY say dAt im Da sHy anD siLEnt tyPE. But Dats jUST theYR 1St impreTion aBout Meh. But Den wEn uD riLy geT to knOW mEh and if Im riLy co4table enUf with Yah, Hmf! im vEry talkatve, very flasHy aND iM a JOkeR sorT of Type dIn. sabi pa nila "hilom pa KO sa disCohan!" hehehe Mah attitude 2wards mAh sisTeris a whola diff.! hehehe Shes da onE hu cUd rily teL hU the ReaL jOy iS.. HEhehe to hEr im sO maHArot, so kulit, jokEr; id alwys maKe her laf bsides making her cRy! hehehe But den to otHErS hUm im nOt riLy into, im jUSt simple and vEry reSrve.. =) hehehe to my frNDs im jUSt me, deY knOW hu am i! hehehe

2b continueD, petpet's calling emergncY! waaaahHHHH..... =)