I lay awake and feel ur nearness
I never wanted anythin more than thiZ
HeaRing evEry breathe u takE,
Is another bliss i cannot fake.

U breathe flesh to mah bones
Fuels the desire burnin in meH...
Through ur strength, tears will drY
No more would i cRy.

My admiRation for yOh wavers inside of mEh
Just keeps on gettin strong each
and every day.
While lyng here in youR beD,
Thoughts of yOu keepS swimming in maH head.
I feel mY body shiver fRom within,
aS i feel the warmth of your breath touChes mah Skin.

And lying here close to yO,
with yoUr hand locked tightly witH mine.
As i took a glimse of yOuR sweet face,
I feel great blithe inSide..

Feeling evrEy beat of yOur heart,
i hOpe it truly beats for me...
As mine beats for yOU endlessly.