When i waS youNger, mAYbe jUSt bOut 17 oR so
Id alwAys finD mYself pRayinG, thaT waS mostly aBout of You.
Then soLemly iD pRay, weNt dWon to mY knEeS
HAnds claspeD tightly togetHer, eYEs sHut
Bow mY heaD and pRay,
"Oh DeaR God, LEt himn cOme My Way."

I would tHEn PraY fOR sOmeone;
... to HavE anD to hOld
... who'll be giVe me waRmth wHEn iM feeLing cOld
... who'll be mY strEngth wHen im On mY weaKest
... wHo'll wRap me aRound hIs arMS anD shoWer me with SO muChg love anD kiSSes
... who'll dRy mY tears aND sHlelter me fRom painS
... who'll love me with NO conditiOns and to hIm i'll do the saME
... who'll stanD up fOr me no mattEr How shitty thiNs mY becOme
... who'll care, wHen no onE seEms to giVe a daMn.

Trought thOse yeaRs iV meet a few meN
They swept me off mY feeT aND maDe me hAppy thEn,
But stiLl it diNt tuRNed oUt to wAy i waNted it to bE
I enteRed a gamE i caNnot afforD to PlaY.
And sO iV sHEd alot of teArs, biN thrU alot of PainS
aNd foUnd mYdelf patieNlty reciting The saMe pRayer again and agaIn.

Then Unexpectedly yOu caME into vieW,
I took a biG riSk in lovinG you!
Life BecaME wickedly sWeet,
LiKe thEm, yOu kNOckeD me off mY feet.
We'v beEn thRU alot oF paIns, BeEn to heaveN and heLL
But still heRe wE are standIng stRong aND fiRM!

Tehn one fateFul daY, IM dOWn on mY knEes agaIn
silentLy aWAsH in mY praYers..
Eyes SHut anD dOWn ion My knEes.
HAnd clasPed tighly togthr wIth yooUrs...
I tOOk a galnceof yoUr face anD gaVe uR a haND a SQueEze
aND sAid:
" Oh deAr Lord, ThAnk You fOr finally gRanting mY prayer!" c: