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Monday, August 14, 2006

just got home a couple of minutes agO... i was with my Pet-pet the whole afternuN... c; ganahn keU kOW! ahihihihi we met @ the maLL arOund 11am and then just strolled around mUna and stuffs... i miss hanging out with him, :c dat why i was so glad being with him that very moment! nyahahaha! kilig pa gYud! tapos ng eat mi ng bLah bLah... while eating cge storYa, laugh, ng libaK sa mGa tao, nanaway! hehehehe mGa baD keU... mao na amOa trIp.. observing people, how they act and wat they looked! sori nlng sa mabiktima! nyahahaha... while er wer @ the maLL, nAA competition didto.. a dance competition anO xa cultural... grabeH saBa keU mGa drUms and evrything.. perO it was fUn ng tan.aw pUd mi kadaLi.. *na remmber nkU akOa sIs coZ shes a member of oUr skUl dance trOOp, anddis time they werent into modern.. thyr into cultural man gUD. grabe training ang activities.. They wud go to hotels and perform ther.. one time ng uli xa na ng kiang2.. coz grabe keU ila mGa xrcise.. bendingS, strchings, splits and stuffs. bsta! well enuf about that.... tapOS we wer about to watch a movie bUt then moments man xa so ng uwi uS sa haUZ niLA.. and rest for a whiLE.. aroUnd 530 balIk na uS maLL had oUr dinner and nG simBa mi... c;

While in the church ther was thsi annoying woman! lagot au! she sat bsides my bheb. of cors wala lng @ first.. pero mka lagot man gUD xa coz she kips fliping her hair, put lotion on her, and ng pa bango. SULOD SA CHURH! duh! lagot... hehehhe so un... the after church hatid nya ako wher i can ride home.. sa my roxas... and i saw that meron na 2mutogtog dun... ow! im dying to go ther... hehhehheheheh cge na oi....

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