x the ones that are true.

[] i always wear skirts
[x] i have 5+ handbags
[X] earings are a must
[x] i wont leave the house without make up on
[x] my outfits have to match
[ ] i'll take heels over sneakers anyday
[x] bracelets are cute!!
[x] i pluck my eyebrows
[x] my nails are always painted
[x] pink is one of my favorite colors
[ ] i wear whats "in"
[ ] i KNOW what the new / upcoming trends are
[x] "beauty is pain" is my motto
[x] i've always got lipgloss
[ ] people ask me for beauty tips
[ ] i live for starbucks
[x] i love looking cute
[x] i know im a girlie girl
[x] i will never be a tomboy!

(Survey made by ox__surveys__xo)

a - favorite animal: dogs
b - best friend: Tuapoys, OSeth
c - crush: Petpet & carlo domingo! c:
d - dads name: BEnny
e - essential items to bring to a party: food lol
f - favorite food: grilled pork
g - greatest band of all time: duNo <3
h - hardest thing you ever had to do: let go! hehehe
i - instruments you play: none
j - jackets you own: 2
k - kids you want: maybe 2 oR 3
l - languages you speak: english, bisaya
m - money you have on you: none :( nyahahaha
n - nicest thing anyones done for you: loved me! c:
o - overnight hospital stays: none!
p - parties youve crashed: none
q - quote you like: a lot!
r - relationship youre in: 3
s - sports you play: im not into sports!c:
t - televisions you own: 2
u - underwear color: nOw?? pink! hehehe
v - favorite video game: i dont have one
w - worst trait: stubbOrn, hard headed
x - x-rays youve had: la pA..
y - yummy food: chocolate cake, gummy bears! hehehee
z - zodiac sign: aquarius