1. Held hands with a boy?
_yUZ! c:
2. Hugged a boy?
_yuZ! c:
3. Touched a boy inappropriately?
_yep, way baCK b4! he waS suCH a doRK!
4. Been touched by a boy inappropriately?
_balik2 oi! hehehehe
5. Kissed a boy?
6. Made out with a boy?
7. Been caught making out with a boy by an authority figure?
_nO waY!
8. By a friend or enemy?
_waLa nGa eH..
9. Had sex with a boy?
10. Had oral sex?
11. Stared a boy in the eyes?
_yeah! c:
12. Been caught having sex by an authority figure?
_wala lage!!!!!!
13. By a friend or enemy?
_nOpe! samoka oi!
14. Ran your fingers through a boys hair?
_yeaH. c:
15. Had a boy run his fingers through your hair?
_yeah.. c:
16. Sat on a boys lap?
_ icant rily remmber.. sa papa ko yata un wen i was a baby! lol
17. Made out with a boy in the dark?
18. Kissed a boy in the rain?
_how romAntic, pro waLa pa! hehehehe
19. Kicked a boy in his sensitive area?
20. Spent more than hour flirting with a boy?
_ewaN kO..
21. Stolen your friends boyfriend?
_i wont do sUch thing! c:
22. Had your boyfriend stolen by a friend?
_not rily..
23. Cheated on your boyfriend?
_thats not me. <3
25. Slow danced with a boy?
_yeaH.. c:
26. Been on a date?
_yeah. c:
27. Took a walk with a boy?
28. Told a boy he was hot?
_wala pa. maulaw kOw! lol
29. Told a boy he was ugly?
_i geZ.. bad..
30. Been told you were hot?
_Uh-Huh! c: nyaKs! kapal... heheheh
31. Been told you were ugly by a boy?
_yeah! 8s bcos he was blind! nyahahaha
32. Seen a boy naked in the flesh?
33. Dumped a boy?
_yeaH.. c:
4. Been dumped?
_la pa Naman..
35. Asked a boy for his number?
_nope! i let my friends ask it! nyahahaha
36. Given your number to a stranger?
37. Embarassed yourself in front of a crush?
_yeah.. ka ulaw nlng gyUD! hehehe
38. Secretly liked your best friends boyfriend?
39. What about just her crush?
40. Lied to your boyfriend?
_yeah \m/ hihihihi love you bheb! toinks...
41. Been lied to by your boyfriend?
_i geZ
44. Slept with a boy without actually having sex?
45. Been over a boys house?
_yeah, alot of tyms... why? does it matter?
46. Had a boy over your house?
_yeah. its was my 18th bday... niño c:
47. Done something drastic to get a boys attention?
_im not really dat typ.. swerte xa pag mg k in ana kOw! hehehe
48. Begged a guy to make out with you?
_hell no!
49. Been begged by a guy to make out with him?
_my mouth is zipped! lol
50. Slept over a boys house?
_yeah, several tyms... sa clasmate kOw... heheheh