course thats how life goes! but we can make it ayt?! wer gonna bet em all ayt?!Ü *sigh* know what? im really praying that when the time comes when things ought to rest to their rightful places, im praying that MINE is with YOU. coz evrything just feels so right, though we have our misunderstandings and fights it still feels right. at the end of it all we we're still able to laugh about it. i think its destiny, its fate! Just like what you call it. but whatever its really called i still beliv dat wer right for eachother. but its so hard to say that, coz we dont really knOw whats in store for us. but im rily thankful that in my life you became mine. even though i'm not certain if i could have you forever. but still I am greatful. im so proud of you, no matter how much they judge you. it doesnt really matter. what matters most is YOU & ME, our future and our families.

I dont give a damn to what they think about you. its their opinion. like they say, you can't please everybody. i never felt so inlove and so loved b4. sau lng.. you made me feel so important and appreciated. you made me know myself. you unlocked emotions that i thought i dint have... you made me strong. you make me feel safe and secure and i thank you for that. and i wana tell the world that i love you so much beb. bien peterson a. du. i will always be thankful for all. im so sorry for the pains that i caused you. i never intend to inflict such heartaches on you. i'm sorry.

" i alwys thot dat heroes dont exist. but when a man carried me in his arms, protected me, changed me and loved me, then i knew that they are real. And they are ready to sacrifice when u least expect them to."