actually i have taken this once.. pwo gus2 ko lng.. hihihi para bago naMn...

Sage: Who was the last person
1. you touched? mOm
2. you talked to? Auntie Vicky
3. you hugged? Petpet..
4. you instant messaged? Wala..
5. you yelled at? our dOg! hihihi
6. you laughed with? Petpet

Do you...
7. color your hair? nope, i dnt rily nid to coZ it seemd dat i alridy colord it.
8. have tattoos? nope
9. have piercings? yea, 2 on each ear
10. have a boyfriend/girlfriend? meron bf..
11. smoke? tried..
12. do drugs? never!
13. sleep with stuffed animals? not rily mas like ko pillows...
14. have dreams that keep on coming back? uh-huH. i wonder wats 8s meaning???
15. read the newspaper? smtimes
16. have any gay or lesbian friends? yes. gay
17. believe in miracles? yes..
18. believe in magic? yes
19. pray? yes of course!
20. have any secrets? yea, evrybOdy haS one. i think..
21. have any pets? yes. dogs and cats
24. wear hats? sometimes
25. hate yourself? @ times..
26. like your handwriting? yea! love it! ;)
27. trust others easily? nyerks! sometimes
28. sing in the shower? yea! i siNg my heaRt oUt.. hihihihih

29. tea or coffee? bOth, but iced tea..
30. dogs or cats? dogs!
31. single or taken? taken
32. pen or pencil? bOth..
33. food or candy? food! nyahahaha di maka bUSog aNg candy!
34. cassette or cd? cd
35. coke or pepsi? coke.
36. Ricki Lake or Oprah Winfrey? oprah.Ü
37. music or tv? both!
38. guys or girls? guys!Ü hihihi
39. green or blue? blue
40. pink or purple? pink!
41. sleep or stay up? stay up
42. night or day? night ;)
43. cold or warm? cold
44. fast or slow? fast
45. sparkle or shine? sparkle
46. Christina or britney? britney cguro?
47. pop or r&b? both
48. Whitney or Mariah? whitney

What was...
49. last movie you saw? The legend of Jhonny Linngo @ StarMovies
50. last movie you saw on big screen? Little Man
51. last person you called? Peterson
52. last thing you had to drink? Coke..
53. last thing you ate? my luNch..
54. last time you smiled? ngaUn lng!Ü
55. last time you cried? hmmmMm??... last month? i guesS..
56. last thing you said? "yep!"

Favorite Questions:
57. movie: The Cure, Autumn in NewYork, A Walk to Remmber, What Dreams May COme.. actually marami..
58. song: On This Day, Without You, Could Not Ask For More
59. singer: Daghan..
60. tv show: Thats So Raven,Ü
61. actor: Richard Gere, Jackie Chan
62. actress: Julia Roberts
63. magazine: Chalk, Cosmo
64. food: Many!Ü
65. board game: Srabble
66. kiddie game: S-O-S hehehe, Patentero, JackStone
67. number(s): 9, 20
68. cartoon: Lilo & Stitch, Hey Arnold! SpongeBOb
69. character: Stitch, Timon and Pumba, Doree (Keep Swimming keep swimming), Nemo
70. disney character: Stitch, Timon and Pumba,
71. color: Pink, Green, White
72. time of the day: 8pm
73. day of the week: Friday, Saturday
74. week of the month: Ambot..
75. month of the year: January,December