earlier this day, i was busy writing a letter for hubby. Well it's not his birthday anymore but then i called it his birthday week celebration wherein I would give him little or simple things everyday. Stuffs i know he would appreciate or even food. Just simple gestures ika nga. I've been very TH (trying hard) this week cause i want to make him feel really special. For today what i gave him was a simple yet meaningful birthday card. I was really busy and was contemplating what i would tell hubby while baby was busy doin' his thing, he was enjoying looking at pics of hubby when he was still a kid.

Then i suddenly noticed that the room was silent. And alas! I knew yEnyEn was up to something. Delikado gyud pag mU hilom na siya. I then looked at the bed, where i knew where he was. But i could find him there, i couldn't find him anywhere either! I was yelling for his name, i even wondered if i left the door open and that he was able to go outside the room without me knowing. But I knew it couldn't be cause i locked it. Then suddenly i heard someone giggled! Guess where i found him??



Raquel said…
wow! ka cute sa eu baby joy oi! hala ka oi.. ka enjoy niya tan.awon.. hahayzzz.. kutob lang ta mainggit ani.. tsk tsk tsk.. :-)
Anonymous said…
he's just hiding... hehe...

have a great week, sis!