im @ my aunts hauS ayt nOw! c: i decided to sleep over dito coZ it raining and its really late nOw. i askd dad to fetch me bUt he suggsted i betta stay hir. well, its okay. C: im with baby gabby ayt nOw.. we just finished eating serials. hehehe mGa taBacHuy ni atake sa kusina! nyahhahaha dis iZ my coUz's baby, Gabby he's 3yrs old. like him mxadO.. intsiKoy na tabaChuy! hehehehehe grabe mu kaoN bataa! sUs! we just finished eating and he said na " ate jOy, di paman taU tapos ng eat!"... nyahahaha.. we endulged ourselves sa serials nlng. its very late to eat sumthin heavy like rice. c: he;s just soooo cute when he whisprd, "ate jOy, samahan mo ako mg wash ng hands." c: love this kid! wabshu gabby! c: muah muah! christian's already sleeping... huSsssshhhh... i had fun being with this kids dis day.. samOk but it was fUn..
we just got the news that janet's preggy (she's my couZ kuya manjoe's wifey). At last meron na! well, thats a good news.. c: