Clothing Choices When Breastfeeding

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Breastfeeding changed my clothing preference and it ruled out a lot of my old clothes. I remember coming home from the hospital and realized that a lot of my clothes wasn't fit for breastfeeding.

Every time we leave our home, formula and feeding bottles are always packed with us. Well that's not my idea! According to Peterson it's for cases when baby should eat in public places. But I am too devoted with my breastfeeding that I refuse to give my little one a bottle (I've always dreaded nipple confusion). So yeah, I breastfeed even in public places.

Peterson's not very comfortable with the idea of having his wife's breast (even just an itsy bitsy skin) exposed to public! LOL So whenever it's baby's cue for feeding, we ran back to the car to feed him or worst we just go head back home. Yeah, hilarious and frustrating! So from then on, I make sure to wear discreet clothes/top, good to wear for breastfeeding specially in public. :)

 "Feed on the go discreetly and with ease" is something I keep in the back of my mind when purchasing new

clothing.  I nurse in the car, in the mall, in restaurants but I always do it discreetly. Thank God for nursing bras they make my breastfeeding life so much easier! Recently, I'm eyeing on nursing covers. With it I won't have to worry too much with what I'm going to wear. Below is a style board from that would help us choose what clothing to wear for nursing moms like me! :)

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1. Women’s Roll-Up Button-Front Top 2. Finesun Henley 3. Heart Clip/Brooch 4. Double Bow Ring 5. Studio Diaper Tote 6. Everyday Jersey Dress 7. Women’s Shirt Dress 8. Sumi-e Scape Top 9. Striped Ruffle Shirt 10. Maternity Emerald Wash Modern Slim Jeans (wear your maternity jeans postpartum until you can fit into regular clothes again) 11. Leading Lady Nursing Chemise 12. The Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra 13. The Essential Nursing Tank 14. Multifunction Rose Gold Tone White Dial Watch

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