Its been quite awhile since i havent got any rants here. iv been going through in a lot of whirl lately. And its about my pregnancy. Yes! i am pregnant! and i'm going on my 3rd month pretty soOn. Beb and I are goin to have our lil' angel. Iv been hiding in my shell for quite some time and the only persons i got to depend and lean on are my very good friends Molit, Sheng, Amie, Chai, Hazel Nova & JOseth and of course my dear beb ko si PetPEt. He's been taking gOOd care of me. Last Sunday my Dad confronted me about it i dint knOW mOm already told him about my situation. He just approached me and asked how am i doing. And asked me why Didn't I told him about it. it brought me to tears coz i never thought he would approach me in such manner. He was so relaxed and very concerned. My heart melt that very moment, i wanted to hug him and say im so sorry but i was not able to do it. This is was the first time Dad talked to me again. ( WHy? it's an another issue we have to fix). I expected that his initial reaction would be like he would kill me or throw me out the house. But I should have known better. I knew he would never do that to me, i knOw he loves me. And that day, he showed me that re truly do. And that afternoon i called Beb and that very night he met my parents and talked about Our situation. For now evrything seems quite well tho not perfectly well. I still have alot of things in mind. Im confused if i should get married nOw. i Beb knOws im not readY for marriage. i love him but sOmethingS are holding me back. All i knOw is that i am ready and willing to face this responsibility and we believe that its a gift. Im goin to be a mom now! OMG!Ü I am still overwhelmed. I can't beleive this is happening.