well... its been too long again since i was able to write sOmthing here. I was told not to expose myself too much with computers, cOz it would be bad for my baby daW.. my mOm would really get mad and most esp Pet-pet. AlweYz nlng ko mkasuk.an nya coz im being hard headed daw. Alweyz doin what i want not thinkin that evrything'S diff. noW. and that I have to take caRe of my bOdy and be very carefUl and blah blah. Hehehe But di man kO mzadong psawaY. slight lang naman.. nyahahaha i've been alweyz resting, eating and have my cat nap every afternoon that would go on for hOurs.. as in long houRs of sleEp. takaW ako sa tulog! hahaha lucky for me i didn't gained too much wieght.. I would go balistic if i would! hahahaha im juSt very contious bout the way i look.. BAka girl mging baby kOw. hmmmm.... people always say that,. cause they'd compliment me that I look blooming. or my face didn't changed. they say i till look the same, if my tummy would be covered, di halatang buntis. Kasi what they say is, when you get ugly for sure you're gonna have a baby boy. But if it's the other way around, then girl. that would be nice but we would like to have a boy.. but girl or boy, either way its wonderful. its still oUr baby, we just hOpe and pray that he'll be a healthy and bouncing baby.. hehehehe evreybody'z taking gud care of me esp my huBby... evryday were happpppppppeeeeeeeee... weeeeee hehehe so much anticipation from evry1.. i cant wait till he comes out.. kaya lng hadlok! hahahaha how much pain would i have to endure on that very biG day?!hehehe well it doesnt matter how painful it will be basta mu gwas lng ang baby! I am so excited already. but afraid toO. nyahahahaha true weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..