Whew! its been a couple of days that i haven't got the chance to visit my account here. I was so occupied with a lot of things these days. Maybe not that "alot of things" but its a "one big thing". Something that is growing everyday. Something alive. As in BIG! I am trying to fix things slowly. Now that I am having this baby, I have to set my plans and goals in my life. For now, I don't want to get married yet. No matter what they say. I know people will judge me because of this. But I don't care. This is my decision. I still have a lot of fears, hesitations. Before finally deciding for that I should me ready. but for now, not yet. Even though I have my baby.

Anyway, I just got back from cebu. i just met and spent time with my future in-laws. I spent my new year with them. I had fun and It was great! A trip to be remembered. While on our trip going to cebu my mind was playing around. I dint knOw what would become of me during my visit to the Du Family. I dint know what to expect and what would I do for them to like me. I was terrified thinking that they might not approve of me for to be Pet-pet's future wifey. Knowing that they are Chinese while im pure Filipino. Well they're not really pure Chinese though. Let me call them Tsinoy. But they follow, several Chinese traditions though. But its a lil' relief that i have met his mom once ( when she went back here in Davao last summer) and having talked with her over the phone for several times. But then this time its different, im gonna spend several days with them. Stay with them in the same house. Thank God they were such nice people. I felt welcomed and accepted. And i was well taken care of during my stay at there. I also got the chance to meet his lola, who was equally nice as his parents. I was really greatful that God gave me an opportunity to be with them. His lola was anticipating for our baby's coming. Our baby will be her "apo sa tuhod". She was really insisting that "Go for DU!". hahaha I was glad she liked me. Though there were times that i would feel very awkward cause i dont understand a thing when they talk in Chinese language. I dont even know one single Chinese word! Hehehehe But they dint make me feel like an outcast. Not at all. Im just so thankful and i hope that evrything would go well continually.

I was very happy that i was able to meet Petpet's family. It was my very first time to be away from home. I enjoyed every minute that I was with Peterson. We travelled by ourselves. before boarding on the ship, we travelled 5 hours going to Cagayan via a bus and then went aboard on a ship going to Cebu. And I was just glad that I dodn't felt sick. even once, or even feel dizzy. I was totally alright all thoughout our trip!Ü Of course it dint felt bad at all cause of cors Petpet was with me. And I felt totally safe with him. I was not afraid at all.Ü Instead he was the one very worried about me. Me was afraid I may feel nauseated, or he was afraid when the waves were very big while we were on sea. But me? I got fast asleep that times. hagok oi! hahaha I was also glad that we were on the class A rooms. And i was just so thankful that we were able to travel safely. My life's changed now. And I know there's lot more changes to come. I know I am not prepared for all of this but I know God will help me. He will help me surmount every trial, and of course Peterson is there.Ü I have my priorities set and that is my family. We are starting to build our own. Inspite of what happend, i can see that people around us are happy. His family and my family are the most important people in our lives. We want them to be happy for us. Yes, our baby came at a wrong time but we can make this time right for him to come into this world. Though we dissapointed both our familes but we are giving them real joy. Our baby.