it's break time now but then i've only got a couple of minutes to keep on writing in here. At exactly 3am im going back to work! i was really, and i mean REALLY sleepy before the break.. OOOOhhh.... i thought i can't help it... and right this very moment i'm still very sleepy thought but i just don't want to go to sleep. but on second thoughts, maybe i will! Need to rest these tired eyes. *sigh* actually i'm able to adjust with my schedule, but the only thing I'm having a hard time adjusting is the fact that me and hubby only got little time to be with each other :( I'm not used to it still. I was so used to spending long hours with him. when i went home in the morning, he's already gone for work. at night we jUst have tWo hours to talk to and be with each other. yes just two hours?? God! im really used of always being with him.. and THIS (me being here) is hard for me.. though im doing this for us. ahhhhhhhh i just miss him evry damn day! andi keep on thnking about him and of course baby yenny. :(( got to go... got to grab some nap... even just for a couple of minutes.... got to rest my mind first... tata! i miSssss my angelS so mUch..