i'm bacK!Ü actually i have abandoned this blog for quite a long time. i am now publishing my rants in my new blog, which i call E.X.P.O.S.E.D but still one in a while I visit this bloggy.Ü I took a few time from my work to edit this. add pictures to add a little spice in my old bloggy. I just realized that I have the same lay-out as Dakilang Tambay. I haven't noticed that for a long time. Well yes I've noticed it when I first saw her blog, but I totally forgot it eventually.Ü Though I had this layout since I was college. But her blog looks way lot cooler than mine though. hehe. Anyway, this blog have a sentimental value to me. why? this is my first blog and what's mostly in here is about my feelings for my Peterson. he's my hubby nOw.Ü and also my rants about college life. the thesis, the friends, the heartaches, the fun and everything! I just love coming back here and read what I have posted in the past. excuse me for the spellings, that's the way I write before, just like how I send text messages to friends, shortcuts!.Ü hehehe it's not that i'm poOr with spelling or anything like that. hell no! hahaha

anyway, if any of you happens to come by here pls do leave me any messages!Ü i wont hesitate letting you read my personal blog, or any of my personal thoughts. it's up to you whether you judge, appreciate, or hate me. what matter is that I'm just being true to myself and with my emotions. this is one way how I let all baggages out my system. you know to cool myself down. hehehe just it's me EXPOSED.Ü

happy blogging ya'll!Ü♥ much love.