I've been reading through this blog. I had fun reading my thoughts in the past, the things that had happened, the emotions I had felt; pain, joys, excitement, love and everything. Wow, it was overwhelming.Ü And I had came across with this post again http://buhaybojoy.blogspot.com/2006/05/i-love-you-mah-bien-peterson.html. It's dated two years ago. And actually nothing had changed. I still feel the same. Well on second thought, It actually changed. Cause my love for Peterson has grown so much deeper. I still like being with him, I like having him beside me, I still like sitting next to him, I still like the way he laughs, the way he talks, the way he makes me smile, the way he touches me, the way he holds my hand, the way he looks into my eyes. Everything! And I am just very glad knowing that. And well I am secure that he feels the same way too. We were able to talk things out last Saturday.Ü I was amazed. At first not letting myself believe what he's letting me. But why would I do such thing. I should know by now that he truly loves me. I can't help myself from thinking that we might still fall in love with somebody else. And I'm afraid of that. I fear that I might not have him forever. :( Stupid me and my stupid brain again huh!?! I shouldn't be thinking about those things. Haay naKu. But anyway. I am still so much in love with him. So much. and I was glad knowing that he does too. He reassured me that at this very moment he still loves me, more than he ever did before. I love you Beb!Ü Thank you very much for everything. I'll be thanking you all my life. Indeed.