i just made my first order online! weee I was doing my daily rounds of blog hopping today when I ended up with a particular post on someone's multiply. She was just talking about how she won a brown blouse on this particular site. Being a fan of online shopping, (my multiply contacts are mostly online stores! hehehe) I checked the site she's talking about on multiply. I'm not really an online shopper but i love checking things out specifically on multiply, browsing various stuffs and if ever i'll love something then i'll definitely buy it. I haven't purchased anything yet though. Well not until today. So there I was nailed on hearblusher's multiply. I even googled it just to get there. Wala kasing link dun sa kabilang blog, she only posted a screenshot of the site. So yun. I browsed her stuffs. Vast of shirts, accessories and all. Until i saw the red puffed blouse and it's only 100. Off course at first I thought "Oh well I can buy that in the mall." But then I also thought, "But I'd still need to find something exactly like that one." thinking about that made me tamad. Urrrggg! and I may not even have the time to do that, I may not even have the time to go to the mall. So I thought that i should buy it na!!! Hahaha Why?? Cause I need a red blouse, red dress or anything. But Id rather have a blouse. Why again?? Why red? For baby yenny's birthday.Ü It will be next week already, and Petpet already told me in advance that we're going to wear red. Hmmm following traditions eh?Ü So that's why I bought it. All in all I'm going to pay 300 pesos. I purchased another puffed blouse. It's pink, my fave color. Then shipping cost 100. Not bad eh? 300 pesos for 2 blouse. I just hope it fits perfectly! hahaha if indi? Aw ibaligya eh, why not. hahaha I'm planning to pay for it today or tomorrow. I should pay for it before Saturday or else I will be posted as a Buggos buyer! Oh NO! haha But anyway I dont really worry about that cause I'm sure to pay for it. ;) So that was my very first online shopping!Ü SAya-saya!Ü

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