Q. Alcoholic drink of choice?
•► san mig light, red horse
Q. add 32 years to your age, how old
are you?
•► 54
Q. do you wear sunglasses at night?
•► if im high..haha
Q. do you have your drivers license?
•► nope, i cant even drive. atras abante lng ako nabal-an! haha
Q. whats your dream car?
•► whatever as long as its mine
Q. do you think your going to hell?
•► yes
Q. do you think your going to heaven?
•► no but i wish i would
Q. do you love someone so much it makes your stomach hurt?
•► huh? heart cguro
Q. who are you thinking about?
•► him
Q. what did you last eat today?
•► nesvita - diet daw kasi
Q. how tall are you?
•► 5. sHhhhh..
Q. do you like your eye color?
•► its okay.
--Heres the RANDOM--
Q. have you ever killed someone?
•► plans...haha
Q. do you drink to much soda?
•► in fact im having hyperacidity lately
Q. what would you do for a klondike bar?
•► nothing, what's that anyway??
Q. do you think girls with a lot of tattoos is unattractive?
•► YES!
Q. whats your most embarrassing moment?
•► dami eh, cant pick one.
Q. ever been in a car accident?
•► nope. thank god!
Q. are you over emotional? over?
•► uber
Q. who do you wanna kick right now?
•► none
Q. whats the weather like outside?
•► it just rained, pero wla na ngaun
Q. are you scared of bugs?
•► yep
Q. if the roof was on fire, would you let the mothafucka burn?
•► whatever!
Q. what would Jesus REALLY do?
•► save me
Q. rain or snow:
•► rain, pero sana maka try ako ng snow wepeY!
Q. peace or war :
•► peace
Q. love or hate :
•► love
Q. juice or soda:
•► four seasons
Q. smoke or drink:
•► drink
Q. chill or party:
•► both.
Q. awake or sleep:
•► super awake! :)
Q. school or work:
•► wOrk. but i miss school noW :(
Q. be deaf or blind:
•► none please..
Q. night or day :
•► night. :)
Q. sit back or fight :
•► know when to fight and know when to stop fighting
Q. cops or robbers :
•► robbers
Q. sun or moon :
•► stars
Q. are you in love?
•► yes
Q. are you with that person now?
•► super yes!
Q. where is he/she right now?
•► @ home sleeping..
Q.whats the craziest thing you've done together?
•► yenny! haha
Q. do you have a crush on one of their friends?
•► no
Q. is he/she perfect for you?
•► i guess so!
Q. movie?
•► apocalypto
Q. place?
•► bukid/seashore
Q. vacation?
•► i dont know
Q. feeling?
•► happy!
Q. smell?
•► chanel chance!haha
Q. time you've ever had?
•► time spent with my mom.. miss u momma :(