i miss my friends (。 。、 )

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I came across with Vitamin C's song which was Friends Forever. It then pulled out so much memories from my college years, and viola! I was missing my friends.
(ノ_・) There's just so much memories, and great ones. On my, and so I decided to create this video.

I had enjoyed college life so much, as much as i did in highscool. Why? Because we were always having so much fun but of course never leaving our studies behind. I could remember the beaches, the tambayans, the spoofs, the laughters and the drama. Ang mga sabaan, ang mga hilomon, ang mga pasaway, ang mga buotan, ang sigeg katulog, ang sigeg absent, ug ang kusog mngupya. We were always together. (゚ー゚)(。_。) Now, we have our own set of lives. Some of us had returned to their provinces and lived thier lives there while some had started to build their own family, and that includes myself. For the past year or two I have become somewhat invisible to them, maybe because i have my own pririoties now and that's my family. I was not able to go with their gimicks, overnights or any gatherings. But that doesn't mean i have forgotten them cause never will I. They're one of the best memories I ever had. Anyway enough drama, and let's start the show!

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