No one said motherhood was easy and i had already proved that. (Have you ever heard an inconsolable, crying baby?) Being a mother especially a new one like me is complicated, to say the least. But Jill Spivack, a psychotherapist has these tips on how to stay sane when transitioning into motherhood. This tips will help a lot.

1) Prioritize what absolutely needs to be done. Don't worry about things like returning phone calls or thank you notes. And remember to ask for help with stuff around the house. Focus on the baby and yourself.

2) Sleep when the baby sleeps. It's easier said than done but is VERY important. You need sleep in order to care for your child with love and patience.

3) Get realistic about how your body has changed. Don't expect to bounce back like Angelina Jolie! It takes time to get back in shape.


Love the pic. I just I don't look that nasty under stress! Hehe

aw dili gyud sayun maging mother noh...hahayyy...I really salute all the mother in the world (apil naka) for the unconditional love and care for their children....ingats dai...muah