Hi everyone! I've been away from work for quite sometime, i was absent for 4 days! And so work were piled up! waaa Dami ko dpat tapusin but it won't take long though. Im actually at work right now. And naka shades pa! Where is the sUn??! lol. i have to wear this cause my eyes are very red. May blood clot sa mata ko, but it doesn't hurt anymore. Ayaw ko lang ipakita cause pangit tignan. Anyway in a few days, i'll be changing my layout. I like this way bUt then it's the old blogger version! yeah i know i should use the xml form. It's to hassle, and pinagtyagaan ko lng cause i like the layout but i guess i have to really changed it. Na ssyang kasi oras ko, to trace up codes just to add someone in my blogroll or add something in my layout. I don't want to make things hard for me na! Lol. So for those who message me to add them in my blogroll, i will as soon as i get done with my new layout. Intiendes!Ü hehehe.. And also I've been looking for templates that would best suite my blog.. Could anyone help me?Ü hehe