finally i have finished this one and able to post it na, ahaha bUt i've been delaying doin it cause i can'nt figure out what to write. but finally i made it. here's 8 random facts about moi. thanks to Amor, Raquel, Jean and Molit for this tag. Na post ra gyud!

This is 8 ;)

♥ my name was supposedly niña marie, niña cause my bday was close to sto. niño's or Sinulog celebration. it could have been a cute name but then dad decided to go with joy, but still with the marie.

♥ when i was a kid, i was super machika (talkative), kapalmUks, but now im super silent. well only if i'm not that comfortable with the person. but when you get to know me, im not that silent at all lol

♥ i love pink

♥ i love dogs and cats. i super love them. every time i'd see one, i have the urge to touch them even though i don't know that dog/cat. permi ko mkasuk-an kay basin ma paakan daw ko!

♥ my nickname was i was a kid was ma-i-doy! lol

♥ i love writing love letters to hubby. before when we were just mag boy/girlfriends i would stick a letter in his dresser's mirror, just to let him know he's always in my thoughts and that i love him. or i would slip it in his drawer, under his pillow or by the headboard. & i make sure that when he finds it, i've already left. and expecting for his text msgs about my letter

♥ i'm a huge BSB (backstreet boys) fan. i used to have posters of them hanging in my room,

♥ i gave birth last June 06, 2007 11:46AM to Ayne Selwyn A. Du and went through a Postpartum Depression. but now i'm perfectly well and so in love with my son..♥


Chai said…
ako pud BSB fan pud og Spice girls.wahahaha. high school life
Anonymous said…
ur such a sweet wife giving love letters.. hehehe XD i seldom give love letters.. hehe
Anonymous said…
was here
M.I.M.O.T said…
kuyawag history oi! NOW I KNOW! hehe.. bsb?! agoy! idol elementary saon nlng.. ang dvd dai tong akong giingon ambot asa nato nabutang..

*regards ko bb yen2 weeeeeeee*