Dear God,

Sunday, June 06, 2010


Dear God,

Thank you for sending this super hyper, bright-smiling boy into our lives. With him, life has been worth-while. Every sunrise is something we look forward to, and every sunset is painted with a smile. Thank you for giving us purpose and motivation to look forward to another day. Everyone's enormously happy since he came. Please tell thy angles to always look after him, specially now that he's very eager to climb on high places, run around rocky grounds, imitates break dancing and You know what's more specially now that he's 3. Keep him healthy always and always keep him close to your heart.

Furthermore, guide us on how to bring him up to be the person he ought to become. Send forth thy Holy Spirit to enlighten our minds. Guide us in every decisions, that it may be the best for our son and for our family. Thank you for the blessings dear Lord, we are always thankful for all.


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