I've always wanted to have my own house in the future. It really doesn't have to be a bungalow or over expensive. I just want it to be a place where baby Yenny and my future kids (if there's any hehehe) would grow up in. A place that is spacious and enough for them to run free, play around safely and a perfect place where they could build their dreams. But for now that would only be a vision but it will not remain to be just a dream. But no matter how big or small my future house will be, it will be perfect as long as it's a place that we could call HOME. Anyway talking about homes, my cousin just moved from Canada to Texas. And they are looking for a new home to move in. I know it's not easy, finding a new home is always stressful. You could consult a Realtor if you want, they will be great help in your quest of finding that home you wanted. You should be able to find a Realtor that is familiar with the area that you are looking at moving to. Also there are many websites where you can check and they will be very helpful also. Take HomeCity.com of instance. If you're into real estate in austin texas then the site can surely help you. They have aerial photographs, condominiums, slide shows and virtual tours for thousands of Dallas and Austin area homes, townhomes and lots, regardless of who the listing agent is. Consulting to sites like this is not a waste of time. Not at all.


Yes, it's nice to have a new home especially in Texas. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.