Monday, November 10, 2008

i have this frustration lately. and if you'll mind asking what it is, then i'll tell you. i'd even tell you even if you're not interested! lol anyway, i'm frustrated with loosing weight!(┬┬_┬┬) it's not that I'm FAT, having the weight that you could compare with an elephant's or a hippo. NO NO. I'm just chubby (well that's what i'd like to think) and I've gained weight because of my pregnancy and i haven't able to recover the shape i had way before i got pregnant. (┬┬_┬┬)also considering the nature of my work, where I would just sit for 8 hrs. straight and take my midnight snack. OMG! Working during night shift has contributed of my recent weight gain. And i hated it. I want to loose weight, but i don't want to be thin. I just wanna loose the belly! (┬┬_┬┬)Then hubby's urging me to eat more, haven't he noticed my getting bigger?? This sucks! I want to feel good about myself. I would like to push myself in doing this, in achieving what i want for myself. Wish me luck. Tinabangay ta tuaps! huhuhu

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