There are times that we forget to appreciate what we have in life. Instead we keep on wanting for more and not even stopping to realize that what we have may be enough. People never tend to get contended with life, and that includes myself. Well of course we strive, we work, we exert effort to be more what we are right now. To be in a higher position, or be in a higher state in life. I have the drive to do that cause of my family of course. But then let's not forget to pause and breathe then appreciate and thank for what we have right now. You might wonder why i started talking about these things. Well I think I just learned a lesson this evening. Okay here's my story. These past few days, I've been so pissed off cause I can't find my perfume anywhere. I'm sure I placed it on top of the dresser. I've searched endlessly anywhere our room and I can't find it. I bought two lately. I've been using the Paris Hilton for a couple of days but then yen.yen threw it on the floor and broke it. I'm now eager to use the Ralph Lauren but I just can't find it. And I'm pissed off with that, it's always been bothering me. I was always pushing hubby to find it and even pissed off with him cause he let yen.yen play with it, now it's lost. And the realization came to me when I was on my way for work this evening. Traffic lights were red, we stopped at crossing Ulas. A sight slapped me this hard that I ended up writing this. I saw a family sleeping just outside the old bakery. They even have their kids with them. I even saw a child, maybe just yen.yen's age, he had no clothes on. And she was sleeping besides her mother. I was wondering where they came from, where are their home, and how could they ever survive the cold out there. How do manage to live their lives everyday. I can't even dare imagine myself in such situation. Well it's obvious that they're surviving but then I know it's hard. No, not hard, it's extremely hard being in that situation. That very minute I felt guilty. How could I be so materialistic, when I could always buy a new perfume or anything I want. And besides a perfume is not a necessity and it never will be. Then these people are even struggling to buy themselves something to eat. I felt ashamed. But on the other hand, I felt thankful for what I have.

Thank you Lord for the blessings you have endowed me, and thank you for making me realize this thing. Let this be a lesson learned.Ü