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Co-sleeping or bed-sharing means regularly sharing a bed with your child instead of sleeping separately. Many families sleep together all over the world but co-sleeping is very controversial in the United States because of its link to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Many states around the U.S. have seen co-sleeping deaths rise. Most government agencies cite the reasons for unsafe bed-sharing are mainly because of :Soft pillows, blankets, rolling off the bed (for an older baby), sleeping with other siblings as well, and/or parents being under the influence.

With my first son Ayne, he slept in his crib until he was 2 years old though occasionally we would let him sleep on our bed. Never did it became an issue whether we should co-sleep or not, but we always ensure his safety whether he's on his crib or sleeping with us.

With my little Kyler, I insisted not to buy a crib until he's old enough to roll on his own (I can't risk him falling off our bed). The main reason is that I want him to sleep beside me to make nighttime breastfeeding more convenient and

it might be an excuse not to breastfeed him during his early days (if I'm too tired to wake up at night). We still do ensure safety more than ever. Also I'm grateful that hubby has cut all his vices so "parent being under the influence" does not apply to us, neither of us smoke nor drink. But I know this will not last for very long because I do know and acknowledge the risks of co-sleeping. Transitioning to the crib by 6 months (but I plan even earlier than this) is usually easier — for both parents and baby — before the cosleeping habit is ingrained and other developmental issues (such as separation anxiety) come into play.

Pediatrician William Sears – an advocate of attachment-style parenting, which emphasizes the close bond between parent and child – believes babies who co-sleep grow to be more confident and independent, because of the early nurturing co-sleeping provides. And many parents who have co-slept with their kids would agree including me! I don't know if it has to do with co-sleeping but Ayne has grown to be a very confident kid and loves to do things by himself but also has no problem dealing with other kids, older or younger than him. :-)

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