Us girls, or shall i say women always enjoy shopping. Don't we? In my case, I always find it hard finding what i want. Let me say I'm looking for a nice pair of shoes, I may find something I would buy but i would wonder what other shoes there are that i could find in the other malls. So I'd hop from mall to another and find myself empty handed. Bad eh?

For the past months i have experienced the fun of shopping online. What best thing about it is I don't have to leave home. I usually go for handbags and accessories. I enjoy scanning through online stores looking for latest styles from various designers. I might find something i'll love, it's not far from possible.

Lately I've come across with SparkleNpop. It's a one stop shop actually and is proven trend spotter. Designer handbags, clothing like dresses, jeans, lingerie, shoes and accessories. Name it and they have it. It's every women's haven. Sounds interesting isn't it. You better check them out today and find out what I'm talking about. I've spotted great stuffs in there.