I strongly believe that dads are often overlooked for their important roles in influencing their children. Their contributions, beyond the financial, are sometimes unrecognized and under-appreciated. Father’s Day is one of many great opportunities to acknowledge Dad’s love, support and devotion. You may be anxious what gift would you buy for your hubby or for dad. Expensive gifts are really not that necessary. I'd rather give dad or hubby something that I made. In that way they'd know that it's really special. But with the recession continually on the minds of consumers, finding the ideal and affordable gift can prove difficult. Then again gifts are not obligatory. The important thing is how to make that day special. There are million of ways how you can make dad or hubby feel special. You could cook for him, give him a massage, or even watch a movie with him.

This coming Father's day, that will be this Sunday. We're planning to go out, just the 3 of us. Eat, play and have tons of fun. I just hope that day will turn out great.

“Fathers are our teachers, our role models, our mentors, our friends,” says author Alyssa Capucilli. “They connect us to our past and give us the courage to face the future. It's important to honor them to thank them for their love, kindness and encouragement.”

Happy father's day to my love Peterson Du and my great dad Benny Año.



Ynad Miranda said…
I like this.. HAppy Father's Day to all the dads out there! ^^