I'm fond of changing my desktop wallpaper from time to time. It really depends on my mood and also when i get tired looking of the one I'm using. Great thing I have Wallcoo.com bookmarked. Believe me, this site has great wallpapers on it. It's the one site I'd always come to whenever I've decided to change my wallpaper. Wither you want something artsy, cartoonish, cute, landscapes, 3D, photography, anime and etc, it's there. I love this site so much and I thought it would be neat sharing it with you. Take a look at my desktop. And also here are some samples I've taken from the site. Trust me, you'll love it there. And PS, this is not a paid post. I'm blogging this plainly because I love the site. *winx* Wallcoo.com is the Japanese or Chinese (I'm not really sure) version but they have an English version Wallcoo.net. :)