finally i got it back!Ü

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Weeeheee! I'm so happy today (right this very second). Why? Because I just got my PR back. Well I didn't really got my PR 3 but at least I got 2. Sounds good enough. It's way a lot better that having an unknown or zero rank. I got really frustrated about it for the past weeks but then I got to the point of accepting it. Anyway, I realized that my sole purpose for blogging is not getting a high PR in (though having a high ranking opens a lot of opportunities), I ventured into blogging because I found joy in writing and sharing my thoughts. And I forgot about that.

So, I just waited and now my patience and perseverance had paid off. Thanks to me! ahaha Well thank you to some friends for giving me hope that i could still have it back. woohoO! I'm really glad about it. geeeee thanks Google!

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