Your Relationship is Strong

You've built the foundation of a great relationship, and it would take a lot to shake it. Through good communication and respect, you have a true love that can last a lifetime.

Keep doing what you're doing, and your relationship should stay healthy for a long time. Everyone has rough patches. It's all about surviving them together and coming out stronger.

Aha! I knew it! LOL I was just trying around. I was just so bored that I finally decided to take this quiz, knowing that I already tried a bunch quizzes like this one. Anyway, if we take this matter seriously, how do we keep our relationships strong? Our relationship with hubby specifically. Is love enough to keep it going till the end? A study was made by Australian researchers. They were able to identify what it takes to keep a couple together, and it's a lot more than just being in love. If you are interested on reading the article, here's the link for In love? It's not enough to keep a marriage.

I have to admit that my relationship has many flaws, it was never perfect. but I had never been happier. There were moments where I doubted if our relationship would truly last. But I have realized that doubting is a waste of time. I just have to work on how to make our relationship even better, and I know I am not working alone on that. And I won't waste the chances and moments where I could be happy. I loved Peterson and I love him even more today. I am glad seeing us growing together.


Rosa said…
wow sis, congrats on your relationship! never tried that. hmm, try ko nga.

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