sicK of bEing siCk!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I got it too, no thankfully not A(H1N1) but i got the nasty cold as well. It's like everybody's getting it these days. I think it's because of the changing weather. I'm not really feeling very well right this moment but i opted to report to work. I've been absent for 3days and I'm worried sick with my pending tasks. I was absent last Thursday and Friday because I had a fever. Even though I was not feeling well those days and wasn't able to work during the night, I was busy during the day. I took care a lot of things. It should be taken care of asap and I have no choice but to do it myself. Since Peterson already got a job (im so happy!). I got really tired and the heat of the sun was almost unbearable. Maybe that's why I ended up with a flu on Saturday. I'm so tired of getting sick! Urrg.. I went to the doctor yesterday to submit my labtest results. My UTI's back :( I asked him if the fever I had was because of that. He said probably but wasn't quite sure about it. He said my UTI's not that bad naman daw. But anyway I'm feeling better now back on the playing field again! :)

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