I've been absent from work for 3days, i'm so stressed and exhausted. :011: Yen2x got hospitalized (3days) and I was there all the way. We (Pet2x) both skipped work to be with him. The doctor diagnosed him with Cellulitis and needs to be treated immediately before the bacteria could multiply and would spread through his body. :030: He's home now yet still on medication.What keeps me worried is that he doesn't take his medicines, he always spits it out or vomits it together with his food. I'm so exhausted :010: on getting him to take his meds cause it' very important para ma okay na siya. Mommies any suggestions? I've tried mixing it with his milk, it didn't helped at all. With juice, it didn't tricked him as well. Maybe because he smell the strong odor of the medicine. I ask his Ped if I could change the medicine, he said NO. Grrrrr.... *sigh* :019: I'm so frustrated and desperate! :014: