i miss you beb, my day always isn’t complete when i don’t get to spent time with you, even for just a day. OA but true. :<> Kala ko na immune na ako sayo! LOL Well I should have known better. I’m still uber inlove with you and i am glad to know that. Even though we’re now living in the same house, eh i still miss you when you’re not around. I love you much! <3>

** Nag emo lang bigla! LOL I left home early to meet my office mates for dinner, celebrating my dear friend's birtday Chai. And so I was not able to see Pet2x. I left 6PM and usually he comes home around 7PM. Ang babaw yet I really do miss him! yay! Hehehe

anyway, here's a pic of us. ^^ Happy birthday Chai! Mwah2X! Labyu! <3