I'm back! Happy New Year everyone! My new year celebration was a blast! :017: Spent it with my family and it was really fun, the most fun I ever had even without fireworks (bawal fireworks sa Davao for years na). Yen2x was even wide awake and was dancing and partying with us. Wished I had recorded it.

Anyway, how's your 2010 doing? Hope you all had a great start. :002::001:

Most asked question, what's you're new years resolution?? I'm not really the kind who makes a list of resolutions but then there's one thing I would like to achieve this year. And I've been it trying for the longest time though not with much effort. This year for the betterment of myself, I WILL LOOSE WEIGHT. GO INTO A DIET. EAT LESS. COUNT CALORIES. BE MORE HEALTH CONSCIOUS. However you want to state it, it all comes down into one thing, TO BECOME HEALTHY. Last year, I had a 2week vacation during the holidays. You can only imagine how much weight I've gained! I shouldn't have allowed it. Now I'm suffering the consequences. (a) I feel bad about myself (b) more asthma attacks (c) self esteem going down (d) unhealthy me! Other than that, I have other goals on my list. But that should be between me and the Lord, cause I'll be keeping my list in my prayers as well.

Anyway, so much about that. I'm praying to God that He'll grant me all the strength for be to be able to discipline myself and be able to achieve my goals.

Help me dear Lord. Aja! Wish me luck guys!:007: Happy New Year again to ya'll!!!!!!! <3


Anonymous said…
Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!