Blonde haired Poppy Bracey, 13, was bombarded by crank calls from jealous youngsters saying she should join a model agency for ‘ugly people’.

She was found dead in her bedroom last week after returning to her foster home from classes at the 1,000-pupil Lowton High School, Greater Manchester.

She had become so depressed she took a knife into school, saying she was planning to self harm, but it was found by teachers and Poppy was sent home.

Her mother, Aileen Kelly, 42, of Wigan, said: ‘Despite Poppy being in foster care, I spoke to her three times a day and I saw her once a week. She was a clever girl and she had been getting good grades.

‘But, about six months ago, it all began to go downhill. They would ring her late at night, saying they were from a model agency asking her if she wanted to join.’

Mrs Kelly added: ‘My daughter didn’t think a lot of herself but she really was beautiful.’ An investigation has been launched by Wigan Council’s children’s services department.

What? If you’re ugly, they bully you. And now, if you’re pretty, they will bully you as well? I don’t get it anymore. Kids these days!