Tantrums! The thing I hate most when I am with my kid. It's real hard, specially in controlling your own temper part, I could easily burst together with my kid but then I just can't, I shouldn't. Tantrums are brought on by anger when your kid's desires aren't met or their need for independence is interrupted, it's no wonder that frustration can build up so quickly and is expressed in the only way your toddler knows; by screaming, hitting out or throwing himself on the floor. Mine is throwing things! For the last months, I've been dealing with my toddler's tantrums and it's really hard. I know mommies like me exactly dig what I'm talking about. He began throwing tantrums when he was 2 1/2 yrs old. When yen-yen's having a tantrum, what I usually do is count from 1-10 or walk away. To avoid going head to head with him. But when I'd walk away he would call me and ran after me, like he's afraid that I', leaving him alone. But when I'd get back to him, he would start wailing again! Ugh. And there are times that I have lost it, and I'm so sorry for that. Now, I can't really say that I have perfected how to handle it, but I'm trying my very best. I have searched online for tips and "how to's" with regarding my toddler's behaviors.My mom don't really have much to share about this coz according to her we're not really like this when we we're kids. How true is that? Hehehe So we're lil angles then huh?! :p Anyway, I have a few suggestions here in how to handle your toddler's tantrums

At home....

1. Allow your child space to calm down.
2. Try to meet your child halfway for a hug, and then distract them.
3. You may be rejected, but keep trying, as it takes time for children to calm down.
4. When the tantrum is over, try to work out what started it, so that next time you might be able to prevent it.

In public...

1. Remember that most other parents are likely to sympathise with you, rather than judge you.
2. If the tantrum is extreme, pick up your child and move him away from where the tantrum began. Distraction may then work.
3. If the tantrums become regular, it may be easier to avoid the situation. For example, if shopping is a trigger, try to arrange childcare so you can shop alone.
4. If this isn't possible, involve your child in the activity through talking, bring distractions with you (toys, books, snacks) and praise them at every opportunity.

When you feel you're going to snap, there are steps you can take towards becoming in control again.

1. Walk away
2. Take a deep breath and count to 10.
3. Ring someone up for a chat and some sanity.
4. Take you and your toddler outside for some space

The fact is, being a parent to a toddler isn't always easy. Agree?! But it's not easy being a toddler either, veering between anxiety and anger. But your child will soon learn to explain her needs and emotions. In the words of Leach, ‘She will turn into a reasonable and communicative human being. Just give her time.' :')


Chris said…
great tips mommy! :)
bonz said…
i agree on the fact that being a parent to a toddler is not easy, bojoy.

i'm back blogging again, hope you still remember me!

can we exchange links?
Bojoy said…
@Chris: tnx momi chris! :) and thanks for dropping by..

@bonz: hi sis, yes i remember you noh! hehehe and indeed, it ain't easy. words couldn't explain, but it's the most fun phase of our child's development. sa tingin ko lang ha. hehe

sure, i'll add you. add me also ^_^