I love you. Mahal Kita. Wa ai di. After all these years you still make my heart pound and blood pressure rise! In a positive way that is, uhmm, okay negatively as well! :p I am just overjoyed to be able to feel so much love and I just can't let this pass without letting the world know. I want to, because I am proud of it. The hell with other people! :p 5 years seemed forever. It doesn't seemed 5 years at all, more like 10 yrs? ^_^ From the very beginning of our relationship, it was already a roller coaster ride. (Specially when eventually we had yen2x and both are still at a young age.) Up..down, a quick around, a sharp turn left, a sharp turn right, traveling blindly into a tunnel ahead, leading to an instant dead drop! I am glad we have survived the ride and didn't end up drop dead, but yes I know it doesn't stop there. More twists and turns are coming yet I believe that we can make it. Faith have finally embraced me. I could easily compare what we are now from what we are before. We have grown so much and we've grown together and I know there's still much room for growth.

You, yourself have grown dramatically and now I have learned to not let pride hinder our way to growth. And I get upset when people judge you. People can be very judgemental. They only hold on to what they choose to believe or what they believe they know. Hey, people do change, people grow, people mature overtime (eventually). You did, and for the better. Why is that hard for them to accept. They look at you as a pain in the ass, a pasanin, a sakit sa ulo. I really would feel bad when they say that. They don't even know the whole story, they don't see the bigger picture. Yes, I have my mistakes as well, I have my shortcomings. But of course fragile-looking woman like me is always taken to be the victim and the kawawa. So the blame is all on you, I'm sorry. I know some people would not even thought that we have gone this far, but we did. They were always saying that if they in my shoes, they would have dumped you even from the start and they would neve understand a man like you. Can't they just be happy for us? We made it this far, and it's not just all about love. There are several factors as well. I don't brag the millions things you do, the things you say and the simple gifts you give to show me how much you care. But i know you love me immensely and I feel the same way. But anyway,the important thing is we are okay, we are more than okay. I'm just happy that we have grown to be better persons. More mature, more open and more understanding. Of course there are days that things are not going perfectly for us. But then we still managed to hang on to it, and able to talk about it at the end of the day. There are times when I thought it would definitely be the end, but instead it made us even more stronger and more tight. The fights, the tears, the pains had a purpose. It was all worth-it. It's bliss. I thank the Lord for everything. Well, Best wishes and congratulations to the both us. And **** ya'll people who're trying to bring us down and who're not happy for us. Let's build a happy/beautiful family together. We love each other and let's keep it that way, forever.

Wa le tsong je ge inui wa ya ai di. Happy 5th! Cheers!


Aryanne said…
wow 5th! congrats sa inyo!! :)
Krisha said…
If youre happy, never listen to anyone else's opinions but yours. Hey hindi sila ang nasa relationship, hindi sila ang nakikisama sa boyfriend mo, so they have no right to judge him.