This was the song I cannot get off my head after watching Paalam nAPO, it made our night very romantic. My heart melts every time I would try to recall how they sang this song and I keep on listening to this. Danny was the front liner that time, i so love it. Very romantic. (Mga anti-romance dli mu mka appreciate ani! Wahaha!) This song was also used in Judy Ann-Ryan wedding, I think this was the song APO sang while the couple was dancing (im not sure though). Basta I love it!♥

this is the album version of the song.

this is not the actual video but this is how they sang it. With Danny J. in the center. *I think this vid's taken yrs ago.


Apo Hiking Society is a living legend in our musical scene and their songs will outlast them even if they are no longer living. Such is the power and influence of their songs which transcended several decades of changing musical preferences in the local scene. Apo has the same drawing appeal as Jose Mari Chan who can rest intermittently from the local musical scene and still be so successful and bankable each time they issue a new song. Both outlast sporadic hit makers whose music career last only on their first and mostly on their only hit in the local tinsel scene. I will forever love the music of Apo Hiking Society as I also love the music of Jose Mari Chan. Thanks for the poignant post. God bless you all always.
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