get well soon darling..

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

My baby boy's birthday is coming and he' still sick :'( hope he gets well before his bday, that's already on Sunday. This time we have decided to make it exclusive for the family. My fam and hubby's fam lang and by that we mean "Mother, Father, Sister/Brother only". Well, unless some relatives would unexpectedly show up! LOL (okay we could extend it with the closest relatives we have) We don't want to get yen2x used to of having an extravagant party. This time we want to make it more special, more intimate. And it's an advantage on our part as well, less stress, less expenses and less worries. I could remember how stressed I was during the last birthdays he had. On his day we want to give him anything he want's, he's free to choose anything (unless it exceeds our budget!). Anything he wants and the buy the things he'll need. Then simple dinner with Año & Du family. Hope all goes well! ^_^

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