Thanks to dear Krisel of Gossip Junkie for this sweet award! thanks for including me in your list. hehehe I should have posted this last week but ain't got time, luckily I was able to wake up early today and decided to do it. I can't let simple yet touching recognitions like this one be ignored, thanks for liking my blog!

And now I'm passing this award to my sweetest blogger friends. :)

1. Bonz (all your blogs are sweet so you could post on any of them. :))
2. Kuya Mel (you never failed to make pansin of my posts my giving lovable comments. And Happy father's day to you Kuya mel!)
3. jorch ( a dear friend mccoolot. )
4. mommy chris (i love mommy moments yet I haven't tried it, but i will next time. hehe)
5. kayce (sweet mommy with a sweet blog!)


Karen Chayne said…
wow! thank you so much sis for that sweet award... you are a sweet person too! take care
Congratulations on your newest award. You richly deserve it. Thank you so much for including me as your recipient of this award but I give it to my Lord Jesus Christ for whom I blog. TO GOD BE THE GLORY. I really do not accept awards for myself although I appreciate them lest I may be waylaid from my true path and become puffed up. I only blog for the Lord. I hope you understand and will not be offended. Thanks for the post and the award. God bless you all always.
Unknown said…
wee! chalamat sa award joy! ^_^ I don't really know what to say, for all those times na anha ko nimo musumbong, bisan boring na kaau ako g pang storya and bisan typical na kaau ang storya maminaw jpon ka and muhatag ug mga inspiring thoughts.. with that I should say a BIG THANKS.. am so grateful having a friend like you ^_^. Thanks for lending me your ears,eyes, hands (kay mg chat rman ta haha...).. slamata jud kaau!

Morepower! more power rangers! hehe ^_^