Goodbye Babyhood, Hello Childhood!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Ayne is now 3 years old. I must admit he's no longer a baby. Though he'll always be my baby no matter what. Everyday, he's learning new things, new words, new dance moves and new habits. There is always something to look forward to everyday. And believe me it is super fun! And he's starting to develp a sense of humor as well! What he usually do everyday is watch his favorite movies, shows, and for course what else? PLAY! He plays with his trains everyday. The trains from "Thomas and Friends", he no have 5 of them. He have Thomas, Gordon, Henry, James, Desiel and Duck. . And he wants to have more! He love them all. And he also love Buzz and Lightening Macquin! Cha Chow! ^.^ Anyway, I am anxious if he's learning the things he ought to learn or develop while on his age. I've researched about a 3 year old's developmental milestones. The items that are marked X are the things that my Ayne already know. ^_^

[ ] May sleep 10 to 12 hours at night (i hope he would develop this lately coz my bugoy sleeps very late T.T)
[x] Hops on one foot
[x] Walks a line
[x] Walks on tiptoes for a few steps
[x] Brushes teeth, washes hands, retrieves own drink
[x] Puts on shoes (no laces)
[ ] Completes a six-piece puzzle (haven't really tried this, though he could put his train's railways together)
[x] Draws simple shapes
[ ] Enjoys helping with household tasks ( he' so tamad! he would say "di ako mrunong". should teach him to help)
[x] Follows simple directions
[x] Plays spontaneously with two or three children
[x] Identifies some common colors
[x] Counts to three
[x] Enjoys "pretend" games such as playing house (he does that all the time with his trains)
[ ] Wets the bed at night occasionally
[ ] Uses the toilet often and may need help (boys may not be toilet trained until later this year)
[x] Feeds self completely using a fork and spoon and can butter bread with a knife. (not completely though)
[x] Speaks in three- to five-word sentences
[x] Uses plurals (cats, dogs, etc.)
[x] May have difficulty getting some words out (not a sign of stuttering)
[x] Sings a simple tune
[x] Asks a lot of the "Five W" questions (Yes!)
[x] Demonstrates a three-minute attention span
[x] Remembers yesterday's happenings
[x] Understands some dangers, such as moving cars
[x] Feels shame when caught doing something wrong
[x] Is interested in similarities and differences ( i was suprised when I first notice this. they told me when he saw to cars, though in diff. colors but he identified that it was both a Vios)
[x] Understands difference between self and younger children
[ ] Doesn't understand difference between self and older children
[ ] May show preference for opposite sex parent
[x] Develops sense of humor and enjoys making people laugh

Ayne's is just 3 years and 2 months today and he still got a lot of things to learn (or he got his whole life that is). He's stepping into childhood now and I promise to be there every step of the way. I love you so much baby ko. ^.^ Please don't grow old that fast. :)

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