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Friday, September 17, 2010

Lately unlikely things happened one after the other. I will not identify each one of them but they surely are exhausting and depressing (you can add devastating if you want). Believe me when I say it's something you don't want to deal with everyday. But then I should not run from it, it may be hard to face but I have to. I could let myself drown in tears, the hell I care! All this drama is adding uneven lines on my face, and to think I'm just 24! OMG so many problems! There are times that I just want to give up, just let sadness eat me whole and si God na ang bahala. But I just can't. I have people who depends on me. Not to mention the people who loves me (I know meron!) All of this is making me feel so old and tired. But like what they always say everything happens for a reason, and I do strongly believe in that. I know that all of these pain and fear I have in my heart are not permanent, they never will last. I know after all of these we will come out as better persons. Better, Bolder and Stronger.

And I dedicate this song to myself and to my partner (in crime). We can make, just like we always do. Hold on tight, the road may get bumpy but I know we can get there! There, where the we could sit down and talk for hours and have coffee while watching the sunset/sunrise w/o worrying anything. ILY much....

"It's gonna be real hard, but I'm gonna be okay. As long as I try real hard, I'm gonna find my way. Ima stand up like a soldier, Ima get them till it's over! Cause I'm gonna take this all the way, it's now or never. I'll break what's in my way. I'm gonna stand up like a soldier, tonight I'm gonna take over!"

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